Everything a parent wants you to know, but daren’t say out loud.

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As a parent to three kids under 11 at the young age of 33, (yes I’m young — don’t argue with me), I am at a time in my life where many of my friends are having babies and asking me for advice.

My advice to them though, isn’t necessarily what they always want to hear.

Them: “So what’s your advice on parenting?”

Me: “Keep them alive.”

They laugh. Oh, how they laugh. They laugh until they see my straight face, and realize that I am serious.

Me: “Seriously. …


How do we raise our daughters in an unsafe world?

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Since the pandemic hit and everyone was forced to stay home, people started to pay more attention to the news, and not just the Coronavirus stories.

Suddenly, hordes of people usually busy out doing things became aware of the bigger picture. Our worlds were reduced to our living rooms, but our minds were opened up to the global issues that perhaps we’d always paid a nod of acknowledgment to but never acted upon.

One of the things that people started to take notice of was women's continued battle with men. I hate to use the word battle because it feels…

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I remember the day my grandfather died like it was yesterday – as cliché as that sounds. It was just entering the early evening, and the warmth of the sun was waning as it passed by the window and disappeared behind the dark grey concrete of the next hospital ward.

There was no view from the window except for a small courtyard which was paved, and had weeds poking through the gaps between the slabs; small sprouts of life desperately fighting for space in the tiny valleys they filled.

In the room machines beeped, buzzed and hummed, all working to…


A look at the ITV documentary into the case of my missing neighbour, Steven Clark.

Steven Clark

Back in February I wrote an article looking at the still unsolved missing person case of Steven Clark from my home town. Since then, there have been developments and an ITV documentary which followed his parents as they were on bail and under investigation for his murder.

To get some background to the case please read the article below first:

Brief Overview

On Monday December 28, 1992, Steven Clark disappeared after a walk along the beach to Saltburn, from his home in Marske. Steven went into the gents toilets and was never seen again.

In September 2020, his parents, Charles and Doris…


Three young children watch as their mother is murdered in front of them by their father.

Alan Bennet (L), Jodie Betteridge (Top R), Lynne Freeman (Bottom R) — from Teesside Live

On the 23 March, 2016, Cleveland police leapt into action as a call came in from Alan Bennett, 34, to say that he had stabbed his partner, Lynne Freeman, 46, in their home in Mapleton Crescent, Redcar, North Yorkshire.

Just 7 minutes later, members of the public also called emergency services to report an attack half a mile away. Jodie Betteridge, 30, had been attacked on her front lawn by her ex-partner, Alan Bennett.

In less than half an hour, two women would be murdered, with one man responsible for both crimes.

Even days after watching this film, I am still reeling from the story.

*Spoilers below

Image from TuneFind

If you haven’t seen this movie, then please stop reading, I don’t want to spoil it, because it is truly worth watching.

When I sat down to watch this movie, I knew what I was going to be watching, or at least, I thought I did. I’d seen the trailer and the hype — scorned woman goes on revenge spree against men — it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

But oh my, how I was wrong.

Emerald Fennell has produced a masterpiece. A raw, hard stare into modern rape culture and its effects on women.

The movie takes…


How to deal with burnout and what you can do to pull yourself back on track.

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Who here has suffered from burnout? Hands up, yep, even those in the back. What about exhaustion? Are they one and the same?

Burnout seems to be the buzz word of the lockdown, aimed to describe how we’re all struggling to cope with the ever-changing stress that is the global pandemic. But despite its potentially recent overuse, it is there, and evidently taking more prisoners lately.

The casualties are stacking up because we don’t have our usual coping mechanisms available. We can’t pop for drinks after work, or book a last-minute break and spend the weekend somewhere else. …


Is your worth attached to your weight gain or loss?

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In a world where, in the last year we had the exit of a controversial president, the murder of George Floyd and dozens of other police brutality cases, Australian bush fires, Britain left the EU, and what else, oh yes, COVID, why are we still obsessed with the weight gain, or loss, of celebrities?

Actually, not celebrities, women. Because it’s rare that men are subjected to the same level of scrutiny as women when it comes to physical appearance.

Do we not have news that is more worthy than that of someone changing their weight?

One of the biggest reported…


A woman who planned to throw a divorce party to celebrate her separation from her husband was brutally stabbed to death in her own home.

On November 27 2009, police were called to reports a disturbance in Church Close, Marske, North Yorkshire. When they arrived, they found mother-of-two, Katrina Jones, 34, had been stabbed to death.

Katrina Jones — Teesside Live

How it all began…

Katrina met Brian Jones at Eston Labour Club in 1997 when Jones was working as a seafood salesman, selling in the pubs and clubs in the surrounding area.

While selling seafood in Eston Labour Club, Katrina smiled at Jones, who was 29 years her senior, and they got to talking. They arranged to meet up three times, with Katrina failing to show each time. …

Things I’ve learned being married for more than a decade to a man 13 years my senior.

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I got married when I was 22 years old, to a man who was 35 at the time. We already had a child together, and have gone on to have two more. We moved halfway around the world together and started a small business.

We met when I was 19 and in university — it was through friends of friends, and we had a drink and a laugh, and I left that night thinking that something fundamental had changed in my life although at that time I had no idea just how much.

With nearly 11 years of marriage under…

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