I’m worried about what it’s doing to me.

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I started on Medium at the beginning of 2021 but started publishing consistently in February. Since then, I have published 45 articles, on a variety of topics, including true crime, parenting, lifestyle and mental health.

I’m a top writer in four topics: feminism, parenting, mental health and health (no idea how). My followers are at 738, (thank you, to each and every one of you.)

I started out humbly, with the best intentions of simply writing things that interested me — I certainly wasn’t in it for the money. …

But don’t worry, mine are too, and so are everybody else's.

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It’s a universally kept secret that parents think their kids are assholes. Tiny, little, annoying assholes; until they grow up and become slightly bigger, still annoying assholes.

Kids are selfish.
Kids are rude.
Kids are messy.
Kids are smelly.
Kids are repetitive and boring.
Other people’s kids are even worse.

Why am I being so horrible about them, you may ask. You’d be right to ask. I will explain myself now. Let’s dive in because I know you’re wondering why I’m such a horrible parent. I’m not — trust me.

Kids are selfish

Without even meaning to be, kids are the most selfish…


Everything a parent wants you to know, but daren’t say out loud.

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As a parent to three kids under 11 at the young age of 33, (yes I’m young — don’t argue with me), I am at a time in my life where many of my friends are having babies and asking me for advice.

My advice to them though, isn’t necessarily what they always want to hear.

Them: “So what’s your advice on parenting?”

Me: “Keep them alive.”

They laugh. Oh, how they laugh. They laugh until they see my straight face, and realize that I am serious.

Me: “Seriously. …

Learn how to lead your team to greatness

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Do you want to become a better leader at work? Being a good leader is important, and effective leadership can increase the productivity of your team. Each business, and each person, will have a slightly different view on what exactly it means to be a good leader, but we can all agree that it’s important to be one.

Why is good leadership important?

Good leadership is important as it impacts the productivity and engagement of your staff in a positive way. You can help to reduce stress levels and increase morale with good leadership, which will have great benefits for you as an employer too.

The writing rituals of some of our most successful writers

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How’s your writing going? Could be better I imagine.

If it’s anything like mine, it’s wake up, scroll through social media for far too long, find a couple of interesting things I’d like to write about. Think about writing them — perhaps even jot an idea down.

Think about it some more while I make a coffee. Maybe think about it a little while I take the kids to school. Perhaps, I’ll think about it while I sort the laundry. Maybe I’ll even think about it while I clean the fridge out because that can’t wait.

Eventually, I may get…

We all have to get there in the end, so let’s take the worry out of it.

A silhouette of a figure stands on a rock in front of an orange sunset. They have their arms out to the side and one leg raised as they balance on the rock.
A silhouette of a figure stands on a rock in front of an orange sunset. They have their arms out to the side and one leg raised as they balance on the rock.
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It’s natural to feel a little bit afraid when we think about death — it is the ultimate unknown, and it can be hard to imagine what comes after.

The death of a loved one can be one such way that triggers fear of our own death, but what about when this fear becomes too much?

Can fear of death impact your life, and your ability to enjoy what time you do have? How can we take steps to overcome this fear, and ensure that we make the most of our time on earth?

I recently wrote an article about…

Stop attempting to justify murdering someone.

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Headlines were dominated in 2019 with the tragic murder of Grace Milane, a British backpacker murdered in New Zealand by a man she met on Tinder.

The trial caused outrage across the world as Grace’s killer attempted to present a “rough sex” defence, essentially stating that Grace had consented to all that happened during rough consensual sex and that her death was an accident. Thankfully, he was found guilty and convicted in November 2019.

But the trial brought to the public eye questions about the way in which this defence is used.

The rough sex defence is basically an argument…

Please, stop doing this, you’re making the rest of us look bad.

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When you’re an expectant parent, or even if you’re not, there are certain lies that parents tell to make themselves sound better parents, to make their children sound like better children, or just to try and convince themselves that they’re doing a good job.

Here are some of the things parents say, and why you shouldn’t believe a bloody word of it.

1. “My baby slept through the night from when they were only 2 weeks old” or “My baby woke up every hour until they were 24 years old — I haven’t slept in a quarter of a century”

This is a two-fold lie, and parents normally fall into one of two camps; those who are getting shit loads of sleep, and those who are…

And also, why Snow White can get in the bin too

I just turned off Snow White and the Seven Dwarves while waving my arms in the air, telling my kids ‘not in this house’.

I sound like a lunatic, I accept that, but I stand by it.

Moana? Yes, please.
Merida? Crack on.
Mulan? You can come over for tea.


Cinderella? Nope.
Sleeping Beauty? Be gone.
Snow White? Get in the bin.

You may be wondering why I have such a strong aversion to the Disney princesses of old — what could be so wrong with their smiling faces, perfect figures, and happy endings?

Please, tell me what is…

Tracey Donnelly

True Crime Geek. Foul mouthed northerner. Mental health advocate. Major Procrastinator. Attempting to parent. Get in touch : traceydwriter@gmail.com

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